Organizing Ideas for Speaking and Writing


My dear buddy and co-presenter Gail attended a class on organizational capabilities this summer season and she shared some of the suggestions with me. For the reason that these suggestions are uncomplicated, fantastic, and applicable in several arenas, I am excited to reveal a couple of of these in this post.

You will need to have a massive, blank sketchbook, sticky notes, and markers plus your several brilliant suggestions and some scratch paper. For a presentation start by jotting down on the scratch paper, issues like Introduction, Ice Breaker, Objectives, Important Points, Practice and Application, Bug-a-boos/What Ifs, Tying It All With each other, and Closure.

These relatively nicely cover just about any subject and enable for audience engagement. These will be the headings for your presentation plus they activate pondering for products to spot below each and every section. I also add a web page for required supplies, hand-outs and so forth. with a checklist noting comprehensive/incomplete.

It is a gentle reminder for preparedness. I bought two sketchbooks, a single for each and every of my main presentation categories: Education/Teaching/Mentoring and Alzheimer’s/Details and Figures/Symptoms/Music and Memory. Immediately after labeling the front of each and every notebook I started on the Education sketchbook.

I left the initially five pages blank so that I could insert articles and new data and have them at the prepared and then I began my initially project: New Teacher Orientation. Making use of my markers I wrote headings at the major of each and every web page as talked about in paragraph a single.


Really feel totally free to adjust these as required to suit your scenario. So web page 1 of “”New Teacher Orientation”” was Introduction. I then grabbed a number of sticky notes and jotted down significant points, utilizing markers so that each and every is uncomplicated to study, placing a single central notion on each and every note.

I like to consist of products about my background and encounter, plus a joke or funny story to engage my audience at the outset. In prospective order, I then spot the sticky notes about that web page. I moved then to my Ice Breaker, greater recognized as the get-to-know you piece, placing the audience at ease as I evaluate how a lot they currently know about my subject so that I am sharing the proper data with the proper group.

For instance, I may well be discussing routines and procedures in the classroom and whilst there are commonalities regardless of grade or topic level (entry, seating, gathering supplies), there are also variations. Elementary students are most generally in self-contained classrooms so books, paper, and pencils are readily readily available whilst higher college students spill in from the outdoors with some students prepared, some late, and some with minimal or no supplies. Once again I jot down each and every action step on a sticky and then sort them about the web page.

This continues via each and every phase of the presentation and can be constructed upon with each and every practice and evaluation. That is a single of the terrific elements of the sticky notes. When it comes time to present I can place the complete book on show so that teachers can watch as I collect, get rid of, rearrange, and reference each and every sticky or I can maintain it on the podium for my sole use or I can pull the stickys in reverse order and then glance at each and every as I move about the stage and via the audience. Getting leashed to a single spot does not function for me.

At the termination of the plan I can evaluation what worked, what did not function, exactly where I need to have to add, adjust, or throw out (which basically translates to a storage region at the back of the sketchbook in a just-in-case position). And I have all the things prepared for a repeat functionality.

A new tab indicates a distinctive presentation, similar topic but a new category. By maintaining all the things below a single roof, so to speak, all is effortlessly transportable and when I need to have to verify a reality or evaluation a idea, there it is, very carefully stowed inside my presentation folder.

This process operates nicely as a tool for organizing writing, also. For this I jot the subject at the major of a blank web page and then I brainstorm all the things I believe may well match into this piece, a single notion per sticky note. I race like the wind in the jotting procedure, realizing that organization comes later as I spot each and every note on the web page. Then as I zipzap away at the keyboard I can reference my notes and spot a checkmark on each and every as it is incorporated into the post.

Leftover notes, hurray!, are moved to the back of the book for yet another writing foray. Tips run aplenty – or amuck! And if nowadays is not the day for writing on this topic, there is no be concerned mainly because all the things is stored and prepared for yet another day.

Attempt this process for your subsequent project and I bet you will have some fantastic final results. I have discovered this to be a helpful tool that is uncomplicated to implement and also to manipulate to meet my requires. I believe you will locate this to be correct as nicely.

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