Closer to Virtual Reality: Extraterrestrials and the Simulation Hypothesis

Virtual reality games (1)
Virtual reality games (1)

I think that the Simulation Hypothesis – a hypothesis that we ‘live’ as virtual beings inside a simulated landscape inside a pc – is the most probable hypothesis when it comes to picking out involving differing possibilities of reality. Even so, the essential word revolves about what I “”think””.

I can’t prove that the Simulation Hypothesis is the be-all-and-finish-all of our reality – not but at least although I am functioning on that. Therefore, I should maintain an open thoughts to the possibility that our reality is not virtual but truly true. In the meantime my pontificating on the aliens-are-right here, the UFO extraterrestrial hypothesis and associated, is to be examined right here in that virtual reality situation.

# Virtual Aliens: If the Simulation Hypothesis is appropriate, what would it imply for aliens to be right here? It would imply no a lot more and no much less than what would it imply for a simulated couch to be in your simulated living area or a simulated tree in your simulated front yard or a simulated crook to pickpocket your simulated wallet.

You are asking a query about the motivation of whoever programmed into our simulated landscape the this, and the that and the subsequent issue as well which includes the idea of simulated anomalous lights in the sky and simulated extraterrestrials possessing their wicked way with a choose handful of of us.

I have no thought what their motivation may possibly be. I recommend although that 1 demands to probably appear at items by way of the eyes of our extremely personal simulated beings component-and-parcel of our simulated landscapes in our video games. What would these virtual beings that we have programmed believe of all the bits-and-pieces that we have incorporated in their virtual planet? Why is this guy shooting at me?

Why is this monster lurking in the shadows? Why is this Small Green Man abducting and raping my daughter? Do we not include things like aliens, and all manner of alien interactions in our personal video games? Have we not produced video games that revolve about “”Star Trek”” and “”Star Wars”” and their related extraterrestrials?

So, if we do it, what is the challenge with what somebody (or some thing) may possibly include things like in the programming of our simulation and simulated landscape? Okay, that is hardly a query that discounts the existence of aliens in the right here and now in what you would get in touch with our truly true reality.

# The Supreme Programmer: It could properly be the truth that as far as our Supreme Programmer – the he / she / it / them accountable for developing our virtual reality – is concerned, we are just trivia. If this Supreme Programmer has made hundreds or thousands of simulated universes and landscapes, then yes, we’re trivial.

But then so to is any simulation or video game that we make. You get an off-the-shelf video game and is not truly all of the contents truly trivial? But back to simulated aliens. Due to the fact we have programmed hundreds of video games that function aliens, and developed hundreds of films and Television episodes (cinema becoming just a further type of simulation) that featured ET, some produced even prior to the start out of the modern day UFO era, why should really we (Royal We) and why should really you (as in just you) raise eyebrows at the believed that our Supreme Programmer(s) featured aliens?

Numerous types of what passes for entertainment is trivial. Our science fiction novels and brief stories function aliens by the bucketful who never “”have to travel by way of space, time, space-time, or even a mental space to get “”right here””.”” Properly truly they have to travel through a mental space – the author’s mental space or the film producer’s mental space or the programmer’s mental space. So perhaps we’re just entertainment for the Supreme Programmer, the “”we’re”” which includes aliens and UFOs all rounding out the Supreme Programmer’s cosmic landscape.

If we could speak to our video game or simulation characters (or characters written into a novel or who seem on the silver screen) – and as you note, we cannot, but – they may possibly ask inquiries extremely comparable to what should exist in the minds of readers right here about why we (the Royal We), their creators, programmed this or that or the subsequent issue in developing their simulated landscape.

We (the Royal We) may possibly respond that that is the way we wanted it, even if it was trivial, or absurd. I want point out when addressing the Simulation Hypothesis that no free of charge will exists. The characters in our novels have no free of charge will the characters in our films have no free of charge will the characters in our video games have no free of charge will. If we’re the creation of a Supreme Programmer, we have no free of charge will.

We may possibly have no free of charge will when we boldly go, but as extended as we believe we have free of charge will then we (Royal We) can be convinced of our boldly going prowess.

That by the by could equally apply even if we exist in a truly true reality. But if any person has digested something I’ve ever posted about the Simulation Hypothesis, they’d be conscious there is 1 vast distinction involving my postulated Supreme Programmer and a supernatural deity, or God if that word floats your boat.

My postulated Supreme Programmer is a fallible SOB and ‘oops’ occur and absurdities occur. God, becoming omni this and omni that and omni the subsequent issue would not make any oops or absurdities. It is critical to contrast a creation by a fantastic becoming, an omni-God, whose creation logically would be fantastic – no anomalies, no absurdities – and an imperfect becoming like a mortal flesh-and-blood pc programmer whose programming would not constantly be fantastic and would likely include anomalies and absurdities.

The proof of that pudding is it the continual updates and upgrades you get for your Computer as properly as the news stories that surface from time to time about safety programming flaws in application that let the much less than ethical amongst us to do somewhat nasty items to our privacy, our bank accounts, our databases, our private and public institutions, like hacking into the NSA or the CIA, or possessing the NSA and the CIA hack into our PC’s.

But by the by, if any person had been to want to get in touch with the Supreme Programmer, the application/pc programmer accountable for our Simulated (Virtual Reality) Universe “”supernatural””, that is fine by me as extended as it is not an omni-supernatural he / she / it / they.

But what this nitpicking truly contributes to the topic of E.T. and regardless of whether or not aliens are, or are not right here, in our postulated virtual reality rather escapes me. I doubt if the readers right here give a damn regardless of whether or not a pc programmer can be defined as somebody “”supernatural””. # The Twilight Zone: Whoever, what ever, programmed our cosmos and our neighborhood landscape had a sense of the absurd.

Possibly that is our Supreme Programmer’s sense of humour coming to the fore. What absurdities? Quantum physics is absurd. The truth that we just cannot come up with a Theory of Almost everything is absurd. An accelerating expansion price for the cosmos is absurd. Dark Power and Dark Matter are absurd ideas. Crop circles are absurd (but they are right here). The Loch Ness Monster is absurd (but persons report seeing it or them).

Lengthy Delayed Echoes are absurd (but verified). Transient Lunar Phenomena are absurd (but verified). These Martian rock ‘anomalies’ like lizards, rats and skulls are absurd (but they have been photographed). Biblical ‘miracles’ are absurd but millions think they occurred. The SETI “”WOW”” signal is an absurdity but it occurred.

There are all manner of archaeological absurdities, but I will mention just 1 – The Temple of Jupiter at Baalbek in modern day day Lebanon. There are numerous items that are absurd when it comes to the human species: here’s 1 – humans are the only species exactly where the saying “”never shoot till you see the whites of their eyes tends to make actual sense. If photons can’t escape from a Black Hole then neither can gravitons.

Gravitons convey the gravitational force which suggests that Black Holes exert no gravity. A Black Hole with out gravity is thus an absurdity. Then you have quasars that seem linked but have vastly differing red shifts which is also an absurdity. The missing satellite of Venus, Neith, is a further absurdity as in how can satellites vanish?

You have physical constants that apparently are not – continual that is. Time travel to the previous is each theoretically probable (Basic Relativity) and theoretically not possible (paradoxes) – it is an absurdity to have each some thing that can be and not be at the similar time.

Ghosts are absurd but there are likely a lot more sightings of ghosts going back to ancient instances than there have been sightings of UFOs. Possibly UFOs, the “”Greys”” and associated are also absurdities, but they exist in great enterprise with the rest of what passes for our simulated cosmic ‘Twilight Zone’. Right here are a handful of a lot more absurdities to ponder more than.

There are 3 generations of elementary particles, but only 1 plays any important function in the cosmos. The other two contribute practically nothing of substance and structure, so why is there a second and a third generation of the elementary particles? In archaeology, the Mesoamerican Olmec enormous multi-ton stone heads scream out ‘made in Africa’ or ‘we’re African’, but there should really not have been any cross-cultural get in touch with involving Africa and Central America way back in Olmec days. Such a situation is deemed an absurdity.

Lastly, turning once more to human anomalies, we alone in all the animal kingdom have a bipedal gait with out advantage of a balancing tail. A bipedal gait with out any balancing mechanism tends to make us extremely unstable on our feet. We’re extremely simple to knock more than. We can shed our balance, fall down and do ourselves a mischief extremely quickly relative to the rest of the animal kingdom.

That Mother Nature would choose for such an absurdity, is, properly, an absurdity. Exceptions to the rule, like the human bipedal gait, need additional specific scrutiny because at initially glance lone exceptions seem extremely out-of-location and anomalous. A different instance is with respect to velocity. Velocities can be added and subtracted with 1 exception – the speed of light. Why is this so? No one knows.

Now from the inside of the pc hunting out, as virtual beings, we could under no circumstances know for absolute specific that anomalies or absurdities weren’t made deliberately or constructed into the program. But that does not imply we (Royal We) cannot damn properly have suspicions, specially when the anomalies or the absurdities just maintain on mounting up. So there is no such issue, as some may possibly recommend, of a verified ‘oops’, but there undoubtedly can be suspicions that some thing is screwy someplace.

There could not logically be such suspicions if an omni-God (or equivalent) had been the only alternative concerning our creation, some thing that was the case in ancient instances prior to pc programming and application simulations was conceived of in anyone’s philosophy. An omni-God is no longer the only creation situation game in town.

I repeat, our Universe may possibly be deliberately made to be a ‘Twilight Zone’ cosmos, but the odds appear to favour some unintentional “”oops”” triggered by lapses in the programming that was accomplished by my postulated Supreme (but fallible) Programmer.

Offered the absolute complexity of designing a simulated cosmos from scratch, it is logical to suspect that any person who is not an omni-God would goof a handful of items up. No 1 can prove that, but 1 undoubtedly can suspect that not all is appropriate with the cosmos 1 can have one’s doubts!

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